Planning and Economic Development

Johnston Planning and Economic Development Office

The mission of the Planning and Economic Development office is to preserve and enhance the Town of Johnston as a great place to live and do business. Staff, including the town planner, assistant planner, and clerk, works to assure that the development review process is fair and expeditious while protecting the quality of existing neighborhoods and commerce in accordance with the Town Comprehensive Community Plan.

The office is charged with the following:

Planning and Economic Development works closely with Building and Zoning, Engineering, and other municipal departments to ensure that proposed development is in accordance with Town regulations.

Planning Board

The Planning Board meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Johnston Senior Center,1291 Hartford Avenue. The Planning Board consists of seven members appointed for three-year terms by the Mayor.

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Applications and Checklists

Administrative Subdivision: Re-subdivision of existing lots which yields no additional lots for development, and involves no creation or extension of streets. Such subdivision shall involve only divisions, mergers, mergers and division, or adjustments of boundaries of existing lots. Note: no lot may be made non-conforming by area with zoning. 
  • Process:  [1] Pre-application meeting; [2] final application, with accompanying staff review, certification, and approval; and [3] notice of decision by Administrative Officer and recording of plan with Town Clerk.
  • Administrative Subdivision Checklist
Minor Subdivision/Land Development: A plan for a subdivision of land consisting of five (5) or fewer units or lots, provided that such subdivision/land development does not require waivers or modifications.

With street creation or extension:

Please click here to download the Preliminary Watershed Plan and Enivronmental Impact Statement (Pocasset River Flood Mitigation Project)
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Without street creation or extension:

o       Process: Same as above without public hearing (public informational meeting only) by Board during step [3], above.

o       Deadline: Application to be submitted at least 47 days prior to the meeting.  Certificate of Completeness must be issued at least 32 days prior to meeting.


Major Subdivision /Land Development:  Any subdivision not classified as either an administrative subdivision or a minor subdivision; any land development plan not classified as a minor development plan. 

o       Process: [1] Pre-application meeting; [2] Combined Concept/Master Plan application, staff reviews, and Planning Board public informational meeting; [3] Preliminary Plan application (upon detailed design and receipt of all state permits), staff reviews, and Planning Board hearing; [4] See notice of decision for Minor Subdivision/Land Development process, above.

o       Deadline: Application to be submitted at least 54 days prior to the meeting.  Certificate of Completeness must be issued at least 32 days prior to meeting.

o      Major Subdivision Checklist 



Office of Planning and Economic Development
100 Irons Avenue
Johnston, Rhode Island 02919
Office Hours: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Pamela M. Sherill, AICP, Town Planner:                                   401-231-4000 ext 4021
Rian Smith, Assistant Town Planner:                                        401-231-4000 ext 4188
Sue Leonardi, Planing, Zoning, and Federal Funds Clerk:    401-231-4000 ext 4117
Helpful Links
Town of Johnston Comprehensice Community Plan
Johnston Zoning Ordinance - Scroll to Chapter 340
Johnston Land Development and Subdivision Regulations - available for $20 at the Department of Public Works, 100 Irons Avenue.
Schedule of Fees: Ordinance 2004-13
o Other Applications: May be required for industrial and commercial developments or other land development in accordance with subdivision regulations. Consult the
Land Development and Subdivision Regulations or contact the Town Planner or Building Official for additional information.
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